7-Day Free Trial

Answering Services

Free 7-Day Trial on our Answering Services!

Live Answering Network (LAN) offers a no risk, no obligation 7-Day Free Trial. The free trial allows for first time customers to experience the quality and professionalism of our answering service. Regardless of your industry, LAN seeks to prove to you that your calls will be handled with the quality that your business deserves, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 7-Day Free Trial is open to new customers from a verified business* and is only valid on our Starter plan of 50 calls answered by a live receptionist. If the call volume should surpass 50 calls in the first 7 days, customer will be billed our standard rates.

Customers may cancel at anytime during the first 7 days of service. There is no setup or activation fees, nor any monthly contracts on any of our answering service plans. Please take a moment and complete our online application to activate your free trial to experience America’s premier answering service for business!

*In order to verify your business, please provide a business website url (or) copy of business registration (or) a copy of a paid business directly listing.  This information will be requested after signup and should be supplied along with your billing authorization form. If you would like to proceed without verification, you may begin service without a trial period on any of our affordable pricing plans. LAN reserves the right to decline any application for service.