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Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, small business owner or other business professional, we are ready to answer your calls promptly and professionally today! Our affordable pricing structure and quality live answering service are among the best in the industry. Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do to help your business or organization handle calls both during and after-hours. Answering is our business!

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Answering Service vs. Voicemail

According to a study conducted by Fortune Magazine, 80% of callers to businesses hang up when hearing voicemail and recent studies found that nearly 4 out of 5 people calling small businesses who get voicemail don’t leave a message. What does this mean for your company? The answer is obvious: lost revenue. While voicemail serves its purpose, nothing can take the place of having your calls answered by a live person.
In today’s competitive business world, small business answering services are not a luxury, but a must. While watching expenses is understandable, answering important sales calls and capturing new business leads should not be an area to sacrifice expense. Your existing and potential customers should never be sent to voicemail, and a live answering service will only help to increase sales while streamlining your company’s communication. Don't make the mistake like other businesses and neglect the need to have calls answered by a live person. Your business depends on it.

Why Live Answering Network?

Business Answering Services Simply because we strive to be the best answering service on the market today at the most affordable cost. We take our clients’ live answering needs seriously and see ourselves as a part of the team because we know that when the phone rings, there is opportunity. Every account with us has a designated account manager to ensure the most outstanding call answering experience.
Whether you are a small business, mid-sized company or large corporation, we are the answer to ensuring every call to your company is answered promptly, properly and professionally by our friendly, highly-trained live receptionists at our U.S.-based call center. From emergency dispatch to order taking to appointment scheduling, we provide a full range of call answering solutions. With our answering service, there are no contracts, no setup costs, just simple and flat rate live answering pricing without compromising quality.

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Whether you are new to live answering or with another call answering provider, we would like you to experience our quality business answering services absolutely FREE for 7 days. We are confident that you will be impressed with our call handling and professionalism that you will no longer need to search for an affordable call answering solution for your business. Get a leg up on your competition by setting up a live answering account with us free of charge and no longer miss important business calls to your competitors. Click here to order online or call 1-888-855-6050 to get started today!