Telephone Answering Services

Live Answering Service:

With our 24 hour live telephone answering services we can provide you with after-hours emergency relay operators. Our skilled operators will handle all of your calls with the same care you and your customers deserve. With live answering services you will never miss a call again. We provide peak time answering as well as caller overflow.

Call Patching:

Call patching is like having your own personal receptionist. All your important calls are screened and transferred directly to you. No need to ever play phone tag again!

Appointment Confirmation:

Our live answering service also provides appointment confirmation. We can help you save your business time and resources by allowing us to confirming reservations and appointments with your clients. With appointment confirmation you get all the benefits of having a fully staffed office for a fraction of the cost.

Messages Via Internet:

Your messages can be reported via the web so you can access them from anywhere. Another convenience for our clients to make the process easy and stress free.

Order Entry/Reservations:

Our live answering services are here, around the clock, to take your orders and your reservations. Order Entry/Reservations allows your business to have all the benefit of staffing your office full time, for only a fraction of the cost.

I.V.R (Innovative Voice Response):

Innovative Voice Response is an effective way to stay connected with your caller and provide services customized to their needs. This telephone answering service provides callers with the option of choosing automated services.

S.M.S. (Short Messaging Service to Mobile Phone):

Short Messaging Service (S.M.S.) to Mobile Phone will prevent you from ever losing a phone number again! We will text message your phone with your emergency calls.

Fax Service:

We can set up a fax service that will send a copy of all of your calls directly to your fax machine as they come in or at a specified time.

Voice Mail Announcement Trees:

Voice mail announcement trees make it simple for your callers to be transferred to your employees’ voice-mail boxes with the touch of a button.

Overflow (Peak Time Answering):

With caller overflow you will never miss a call again! If you are unable to answer your phone, our trained staff will answer for you.

Toll-Free Answering:

We can provide a toll-free number for your clients to reach you.

Data Capturing:

Our data collection and data entry services can reduce the time you spend on laborious tasks freeing you up to focus on your core business efforts. High quality, efficient, and productive data services are all of high emphasis with our data collection service team.

Email Service:

Need a copy of your messages sent to a group of your staff? We can forward all of your messages to as many e-mail addresses that you need.

Virtual Receptionist:

Never pay expensive overtime hours again. Our 24 hour telephone answering service is available at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees.