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In today’s fast-paced society, businesses all too often neglect some of the simplest details in communicating with their customers and clients, resulting in a significant lost in revenue. One of the most prominent problems is related to the handling of sales and service telephone calls. Instead of using telephone answering services to answer calls when the office is closed or a representative is unavailable, businesses allow calls to go unanswered and fail to take advantage of an affordable live answering service or advanced voicemail routing system. This failure leads to failed business by resulting in loss of business and much customer dissatisfaction.

Additionally, small businesses face a number of challenges in ensuring that both new and existing customers are aware of all of the products and services they may offer. Email marketing is an effective way of delivering information, but what about those sales calls that come in that end up unanswered because it is either after hours or a representative is unavailable to take the call?  These customers are often lost to the competition that immediately can answer their call. This is one of the main reasons that an answering service or advanced voice mail system should be one of the main concentrations of any business to enhance sales and service performance and to ensure customer satisfaction.

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