Live Answering Network (LAN) receptionists will answer calls to your office seamlessly with your business name and information. Our general answering service setup works as follows:

When a call comes into your regular office line and you are either unavailable, or it is after-hours, the call is then seamlessly routed through one of our local or toll free numbers, where one of our friendly live receptionists will answer your call promptly, properly and professionally with your company name. The local or toll free number we assign you can also be used directly without the need for you to forward calls from your office line if you opt for this setup.

Our friendly live receptionist will then obtain the information you require, such as the caller’s name, telephone number, e-mail address and the reason for the call. This information will then be e-mailed, text messaged or faxed to you directly according to your instructions. If you would like, the caller can be transferred to your mobile or landline number anywhere. We can also setup your account for order-taking and appointment scheduling, please contact us for further information on these services.