Live Answering Network Provides Innovative Sales Solutions For Small Businesses

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PHILADELPHIA – The Live Answering Network (LAN), a premier provider of affordable feature-enriched live answering services, is now offering a unique live receptionist answering service to help boost sales for small businesses by capturing sales leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With people constantly on the go, consumers want immediate information. Although website technology has its advantages by giving consumers immediate access to data, the fact remains that people are more comfortable and driven to speak to a live person when making inquiry into the products and services of a business. Therefore, the Live Answering Network is now offering a live receptionist service that can handle basic sales calls, as well as capture and streamline sales leads 24/7.

LAN’s affordable live answering services for small businesses ensure that every sales call is answered promptly by a highly trained live receptionist, regardless of the time of day or night. Callers are greeted by a friendly voice and the sales information obtained during the call is then immediately sent via e-mail and/or the method designated. Or, the live answering receptionist can even patch the call live to any phone number.

The Live Answering Network is also setup to make sales on a company’s behalf by using the client’s website and the information provided to close the sale. Callers never know that they are even speaking with an answering service since each call is routed from the company’s own business telephone line, and patched seamlessly over to a live answering receptionist. Phone calls with the live receptionist are recorded, and can even be easily listened to later for quality purposes.

In today’s competitive business market, the Live Answering Network has developed an affordable innovative solution to keep small businesses on the top of their competition by having sales calls always answered by a live receptionist. No matter what the industry, a quality answering service like the Live Answering Network will help any small business to increase their profit margin and streamline their sales leads.

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